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What Is The Best Affordable Electric Car?

If you want to get an eco-friendly car, it can be difficult to find one that is affordable. To help you keep in budget and be green, Volkswagen have a wide range of electric cars to give all drivers the chance to get greener.

For those that want the very best, planet-loving electric car, we have the perfect model for you! 

Volkswagen e-Golf


Like any other Golf, our e-Golf maintains upholds the quality and perfect precision of the model, but with the benefit of running solely off electricity. This agile and responsive electric powertrain gets drivers a comfortable 186 miles or 300km from A to B, and even allows you to go on urban adventures with ease. The e-Golf ensures you can keep driving by converting energy to electricity for recharging its battery whenever your foot is off the accelerator, optimising every second you’re driving!

e-Golf Fuel

Low Emission & Fuel Optimising

The e-Golf has a 134-hp 100kW AC electric motor which provides the car with 134 horsepower, along with a 7.2kW on board charger with an optional SAE combo DC fast charger to ensure you can keep on the road for longer. This strong power system means the car releases zero emissions, and charges at any charging point – whether it’s at home, work or on the road at a service station, you can find a point with Zap-Map for compatible places! You can also prolong your cars running time by selecting Eco mode which increases efficiency and performance, as well as Eco+ mode which conserves your battery usage, so you can get to your next charge point without breaking down!

e-Golf Rear

Volkswagen e-Up!

If you love the design of the VW Up, the e-Up is ideal for you!


The e-Up from Alan Day VW is the perfect environmentally friendly city car! Fitted with a 82PS 1cc Automatic engine, gets you from 0-62mph is just over 12 seconds, and keeps you going for 93 miles when fully charged – making it perfect for shorter journeys for your city life. Whilst maintaining the classic Up design, you hardly notice the small changes like the framed blue VW badges, specialised aero-dynamic alloys, or curved exterior lights. Featured with the latest technology to accompany the zero emission engine, parking sensors make your life so much easy when driving this stunning electric car!

e-Up! rear

To see our environmentally-friendly range, click here!

Added: 15 January 2018

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