Volkswagen Touareg Review

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Volkswagen Touareg Review

If you’re thinking about buying a brand new SUV, you might want to consider the Volkswagen Touareg. This is not the car you might have known before. No, this new, improved Touareg is bigger and better than ever. It’s exactly what you want from a modern SUV that’s less about off-road driving and more about providing the ultimate experience for buyers.

The Tech Tricks

You can’t explore this car without becoming enamoured with the latest tech that comes built in. Volkswagen designed this vehicle to compete with some of the bigger, luxurious SUV producers on the market. These days luxury and technology go hand in hand. As such, it was imperative that Volkswagen up their game with their latest creation and they have certainly succeeded here.                                      

So what unique tech has been added to the package? Well, first, there’s the brilliant night vision, offering drivers a real thermal imaging camera that works beautifully. Designed to detect anyone on the road from humans to animals, you’ll never again need to worry about not seeing the dangers when driving at night.

Of course, no modern car would be complete without some sort of lane assistance. For the Touareg, you get a roadwork lane assist which will accelerate or break for you up to 37 mph. You even get a full display that projects onto the windscreen.

Learning From Competitors

Looking at this car, it’s easy to tell that it has been designed as the alternative to some of the more luxurious and dare we say expensive options on the market. From Mercedes to Porsche they all offer an SUV like this, but Volkswagen might just win you over with its valued pricing and significantly larger amounts of space. It’s light too, and you’ll definitely notice that when you drive it on the road. This is largely due to the aluminium bodywork which certainly makes this feel like the epitome of the modern age.

A Stylistic Overhaul

Those who were familiar with the original Touareg might be put off by it’s bulky, unflattering exterior. Now though there has been a complete change that feels both modern and fresh. It’s a sharper and more powerful design that will allow it to measure up to some of the other competitors you might have been considering.

Volkswagen Touareg

Is Bigger Better?

The Touareg sets out to answer that question. It’s longer and wider than it was before with an extra 77mm and 47mm respectively and you will notice this change. That’s particularly impressive when you note the reduction in weight. This also allows the Touareg to provide a massive 113 litres of trunk space and 810 in total.

A Need For Speed

This vehicle has an impressive 3.0-litre engine and provides 228bhp. Or, you can opt for the V6 model and get even more bang for your buck. They have a hybrid too which runs just as silently as you’d expect despite impressive levels of power. Are you looking for speed? Volkswagen says this car will take you from 0-62mph in just over 6 seconds. That rivals some significantly smaller and lighter cars available to buy right now.

So, is the Touareg worthy of your time? It definitely could be, and if you’re looking for a modern car with magnificent tech, this is a great choice for you.

Touareg Interior

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Added: 31 October 2018

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