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The Volkswagen Up! GTI – is this the most fun you can have at this size?

Performance - the Volkswagen Up! GTI

Superminis are growing more and more powerful each year and the Up! is no exception to this. The GTI model features a 6 speed gearbox which accompanies the 999cc engine. This means that the Up! GTi can make it from 0-62mph in just 8.8 seconds (0.2 of a second quicker than the Golf GTi).

The Up! was compared to the original Golf GTI of 1976 with its advances in performance and handling compared to its competitors. The Up! weighs just under a tonne and this allows it to be very nimble when handling those tricky corners - making it perfect for inner city driving.

The Volkswagen Up! – a price comparison

The market for superminis is very fierce and there is a lot of choice so pricing is essential. The Up! GTI is on the market at a base price of £13,750, this is £4,000 cheaper than its most fierce rival – the Abarth 595. But how do they face off? Where the Abarth may be marginally faster, the Up! focuses more on a greater driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

In a review conducted by Autocar, the Up! was continually praised for its fantastic ability to take tight corners with ease thanks to its accurate handling and lightweight frame. It is also considerably larger than the Abarth, offering a larger boot and more cargo space. In short, the Up! GTI offers tighter handling and ample cargo space for you and your friends, which is the ideal combination of fun and practicality.

It’s not just us that love this feisty little car, the Telegraph called it “pound for pound, the most fun you can have on four wheels”. It’s a convincing review, so if you want to taste the character of this “absolutely adorable” motor, why not contact our team to book yourself a test drive?

Added: 16 February 2018

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