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Reviews of the Volkswagen Tiguan

The 2017 release of the Volkswagen Tiguan has reinvented the car from its original model, a top seller for the brand. Here, we have summarised our favourite reviews for you to get to know the VWs comfortable alternative to an SUV.

Top Gear, 7/10

Tested in snowy and icy conditions, Top Gear believe VW have provided an upmarket rival for the Land Rover Discovery Sport by outselling the Land Rover Defender’s 67-year production run in a mere eight years. TG point out the easy four wheel drive option and towing ability of 2,500kg. They particularly loved how the Tiguan makes a perfect family car, and the 9.2 inch colour touchscreen, which is one of our favourite features about this model, as well as its Bluetooth connectivity, and a digital radio, which keeps everyone entertained.

Car Magazine, 8/10

The Tiguan is VWs third best-seller after the Golf and Polo, understandable as it is reviewed to have a high standard fit and finish. The Car Magazine raved about the Tiguan’s bonus features, like movable rear seating and pop-out drinks holders, which many of our range have. Whilst many family car buyers come to us, this vehicle impresses all for its sharp design and spacious interior which makes it practical for any family.

Telegraph, 7/10

If you’re looking for space, the Telegraph know that the Tiguan has it, as it holds the largest boot in its class. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way around the dashboard of the Tiguan. All the controls are well-positioned, allowing drivers maximum visibility for all conditions. The Telegraph noted it makes the perfect car with one of the best safety ratings, as our cars have whiplash optimised head restraints, all passengers are ensured to have a safe ride.

Auto Express, 8/10

Auto Express highly rate the Tiguan due to the rounded package it offers drivers. VW [have] priced the Tiguan above the ‘jacked-up Golf’ segment it used to compete in and more towards the likes of the BMW X3. The review highlights the cars optional four-wheel and front-wheel drive, like many of the options we have available, including this automatic which has 4X2 drive type. This was loved for making manoeuvring smooth and comfortable over any road surface so the vehicle can be enjoyed by all drivers.  

If you’re impressed with the VW Tiguan, why not experienceit for yourself by contacting us for a testdrive and see where the road can take you. 

Added: 12 September 2017

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