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All our Approved Used stock will be reduced in price, plus we will also have a great selection of Ex-Demonstrator cars on sale with significant savings against their cost when new. In addition, we will be offering a range of Pre-Reg (delivery mileage) vehicles all with massive savings.


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 Registration Model  Colour  Mileage   WAS NOW   SAVE Enquire
LO64UPN  High up! 75PS 5-door   Reflex Silver   22223 £7,991  £7,221   £770  Enquire
YY16AYC  High up! 1.0 EU6 75PS 5-Door  Black    £9,250  £7,749   £1,501  Enquire 
VO64TZM   Polo SE 1.0 60PS 5-Door  Grey   £10,150  £9,290  £860    Enquire
LR65KJA  Polo SE 1.2 TSI 90PS BMT 3-Door  Carmen Red 13728  £11,241   £10,495  £746   Enquire
AO64ZWH  Polo Blue GT 1.4 150PS 3-Door Blue Silk   22490  £12,990  £11,360  £1,630  Enquire
 BT16FMM Polo Match 1.2 TSI 90PS BMT 5-Door  Mayan Blue  2171  £13,471  £12,695  £776   Enquire
 KE65VKG Beetle Design 1.2 TSI 105PS BMT 3-Door  Pure White  22480 £13,490  £12,990  £500   Enquire
BX17BZS  Golf Match Edition 1.0 115PS TSI 5-Door  Pure White  18050  £16,250   £14,990 £1,260   Enquire
YP66AUR  Golf SV SE 1.4 TSI 125PS 5-Door Reflex Silver  6221  £16,995  £15,760  £1,235  Enquire 
MM15YKJ  Golf SV GT 1.4 TSI 150PS 5-door   Tungsten Silver  14185 £17,450   £16,745  £705 Enquire 
LO67VBB  Golf SV GT 1.5 150PS TSI 5-Door   Reflex Silver 7500   £24,590  £19,560 £5,030  Enquire 
LX68UYV  Golf GTD 2.0 184PS 6-Speed Manual  Red    £29,040   £24,750 £4,290  Enquire 
LX68UYU  Golf GTI 230PS Manual 5-Door  Blue    £29,695   £25,250 £4,445  Enquire 
RV67FZS  e-Golf 136PS 5-Door  Tungsten Silver  6741  £25,995  £25,495   £500 Enquire 
 KX17OXA e-Golf BEV 136PS  White    £27,900  £26,595  £1,305  Enquire 
PJ67NUC  Golf GTE Advance 1.4 204PS TSI 5-Door  White Silver 18025  £27,990  £27,490  £500  Enquire 
 LW17NWA Golf GTI 2.0 230PS TSI 5-Door  Black   £28,995  £27,995  £1,000  Enquire 
 LX68UYS Golf R 210PS TSI Manual 5-Door  Black    £34,330  £29,995   £4,335 Enquire 
LM17FNO  Golf R 2.0 310PS TSI 5-Door   Indium Grey  13260  £31,990 £31,490  £500  Enquire 
 NG16YGE  Scirocco GT 2.0 180PS TSI 3-Door Pure White   11925  £17,891 £16,985   £906 Enquire 
GK63BWC  Jetta Ltd Edition 1.6 105PS TDI BMT   Deep Black 41369  £8,791   £7,995 £796  Enquire 
LL64OSJ  Passat Estate Executive 2.0 140PS TDI 5-Door  Deep Black   41848  £12,990 £11,990   £1,000 Enquire 
KT67EWX  Passat Saloon R-Line 1.4 TSI 150PS 4-Door  Blue    £21,990   £20,195 £1,795  Enquire 
GL67XBK   Sharan SE Nav 2.0 TDI 150PS BMT 5-Door Atlantic Blue  17128  £23,491  £22,445  £1,046  Enquire 
LY15WVL  Tiguan Match 2.0 TDI 150PS BMT EU6 5-Door   White   £15,650   £14,590 £1,060  Enquire 
AK63MKF  Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TDI 177PS BMT 5-Door Pure White   39445 £15,990   £15,490  £500 Enquire 
 YG65XZJ Tiguan Match 2.0 TDI 150PS BMT 5-Door   Nimbus Grey  15238 £17,771  £16,295  £1,476  Enquire 
YH66OLA  Tiguan SE Nav 150PS TDI BMT 5-Door  Pure White  14795   £22,991  £21,995  £996 Enquire 
WK18ZDG  Tiguan SE Nav TDI 150PS 5-Door  White Silver  684   £27,990  £27,490  £500 Enquire 
CY67LVW Tiguan SE Nav 2.0 150PS TDI 2WD Deep Black 8060 £27,990 £27,490 £500 Enquire
KE18YLD Touareg R-Line Plus 3.0 TDI 262PS Deep Black Pearlescent 5569 £36,995 £36,495 £500 Enquire
HG15FYL Citigo Monte Carlo 1.0 60PS MP1 3-Door Candy White 24756 £6,990 £5,799 £1,191 Enquire
LV65XCD Audi A3 Sportback Sport Navigation 1.4 125PS TFSI Red   £16,390 £15,490 £900 Enquire


All of these vehicles are available on finance and trade in vehicles are accepted.

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